Trends in eLearning

In this module we will look at what trend have affected eLearning over the last number of years.

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Some General Information

In this module we looked at Gartner’s Hype cycle and Horizon Reports and discussed the findings.


Some post relating to this module

I attended a talk last night, 27 May 2014 in the Irish Times Training Building, where  Tim … (read more…)

This module was very interesting. I got to know more about the Horizon Report and Gartner Hype Cycle. It was interesting to see what the experts think about emerging technologies.

The format of the … (read more…)

Presentation Week!!!

I learnt a lot from all the presentations of the others in the class. I was interested in hearing about flipped classrooms, BYOD and learning analytics.  I had thought … (read more…)


Here is the video presentation I have prepared for the assignment for the Trends in eLearning module. I used Moovly for the first time as part of this assignment, I wanted to learn how to … (read more…)

Kaplan, R. (2013). Beyond the GUI: It’s Time for a Conversational User Interface. WIRED.


In this article the author highlights how the Graphical User Interface (GUI) revolutionised … (read more…)

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