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Posted by Hugh on February 25, 2014 in Assignment, Trends in eLearning |


Here is the video presentation I have prepared for the assignment for the Trends in eLearning module. I used Moovly for the first time as part of this assignment, I wanted to learn how to use a tool such as this.


While preparing for the peer review session on 25 February 2014 I thought the first version of my presentation was the bees knees. However a few issues came to light after I presented my video:

  • I was talking way too fast
  • It was suggested more text and a music overlay
  • I did not include implications for education

Although all the feedback was positive and constructive I decided to re-rerecord the presentation with no voice over this time. On the day I was pleased that I managed to keep it to three minutes. I have taken on board comments made on the day and Kevin’s general feedback. Above is the video for submission with the original below. I think the new one was well worth the time it took.

Here is the first version of the video presentation.

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