Trends in eLearning – Week 5 – 25 Feb 2014

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Presentation Week!!!

I learnt a lot from all the presentations of the others in the class. I was interested in hearing about flipped classrooms, BYOD and learning analytics.  I had thought of doing something on BYOD and the fact that on the Gartner Hype Cycle BYOD will reach it plateau before BYOD strategy does, however as someone else was covering the topic I choose virtual assistant.  A lot of good presentation that allowed me to identify changes I needed to make in my own.

While preparing for this peer review session I thought the first version of my presentation was the bees knees. However a few issues came to light after I presented my video:

  • I was talking way too fast
  • It was suggested more text and a music overlay
  • I did not include implications for education

I was pleased that I, one of a few, managed to keep it to three minutes. Although all the feedback was positive and constructive I decided to rerecord the presentation with no voice over this time.  I have taken on board comments made on the day and Kevin’s general feedback.  I think the new one was well worth the time it took. Please see here for both versions of the presentation.


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