What is an ePortfolio?

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Cooper & Love (2007, p.267) state: ‘An e-portfolio is a Web-based information management system that uses electronic media and services. The learner builds and maintains a digital repository of artifacts, which they can use to demonstrate competence and reflect on their learning process’ . In this ePortfolio I intend to keep an electronic track of […]


Learning Theroies Week 2

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This week in the Learning Theories lecture we looked at the different theories in more depth. I found it interesting as volunteer in a youth organisation that I could equate the theories depending on age of the learner. For example, a simple think as tying a knot is straight forward to an adult and I […]

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Cognitivism Activity

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Today in our Learning Theories session a group of us was asked to design a poster about Cognitivism. The poster was to reflect the main elements of Cognitivism and make it eye catching. After some discussion about tools to enable someone to understand Cognitivism, from a list of statements we were given on a sheet, […]

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Prior Learning

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Please see below my prior learning   University College Dublin BBS, Human Resourse Management, Second 2006 – 2010   This business diploma and degree programmes involves a blend of home study and occasional campus attendance underpinned by an infrastructure of student supports. Diploma level (Stage 1) Theme: Fundamentals of Management The Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) introduces the […]


Benefits of eLearning

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The benefits of elearning include: Lower costs Faster delivery Reduces Trainers time away from the office More consistent and effective learning Reduces travel time and travel costs Staff can participate from their work location Participants can schedule learning around other work Participants can select learning materials that meets their individual needs Self-paced learning modules allow […]


Thoughts, Fears and Motivations

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Why am I doing this course? I have been asked to try and put my  Thoughts, Fears and Motivations down on paper giving my reasons for doing this course. As this is a personal piece I have chosen to write it in the first person and not the third.  Firstly Thoughts, when I was younger I […]


Hello and Welcome

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Hello   This is an attempt at a Blog site for my ePortfolio for an MSc in Applied eLearning course I am undertaking in the Dublin Institute of Technology. Here I will have information of the learning I have achieved and all the related tools and software I have utilised to complete certain tasks along […]

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