Learning Theories Week 5 (15 Oct 2013)

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During this session of the Learning Theories module we were given the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation on how we are going to tackle the assignment for the module. I put forward my plan for the assignment explaining that I do not have any professional experience that I can base it on so […]

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Learning Theories Week 4 (8 Oct 2013)

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In the session this week we went into more detail about Constructivism, Social Constructivism, Constructionist and an introduction into Communities of Practice. What has struck me from looking at different learning theories is that we use them all to some extent and none can be used in isolation. You can start from the basics of Behaviourism and work […]

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Professional Development Reflection

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This was an unusual module in so far as the assessment was an interview. In preparation for the interview it made me very aware of what I had achieved up until I started the course and made me focus on what I wanted to get out of it. The reading were very good and I […]


Why am I doing the course?

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Here is a quick video blog of why I am doing the course. Very rough as it is the first one I have ever done. I must go and get a decent microphone. I wanted to complete a Masters Degree Recently changes role in work and appointed Team Lead for elearning DIT course was recommended […]


Blooms Taxonomy

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Here is a nice image of Blooms Taxonomy I found on the internet: A few images for Verbs to use for each stage    


Why use WordPress?

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I decided early that I would use the free tool WordPress to develop and run my ePortfolio. The benefits include easily added content, content can be manipulated and a relevant theme applied and built in structure. See my technology pitch on 10 December 2013 in my eportfolio. I set up the ePortfolio and applied a free […]


Learning Theories Week 3

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This week we looked at two Learning theories in detail, Behaviourism and Cognitivism. Behaviourism We looked at behaviourism and the different theories from Pavlov, Thorndike, Skinner, Bandura, Watson and Gagne. Pavlov’s dog experiment shows classic conditioning, where an external stimuli evokes a response, can be used to achieve specific goals. Thorndike’s Law and Effect model states that association […]

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