My final ePortfolio presentation

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Here is a link to my final presentation of my eportfolio.        


Steward et., al., (2007)

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Stewart, B., Briton, D., Gismondi, M., Heller, B., Kennepohl, D., McGreal, R., & Nelson, C. (2007). Choosing MOODLE: An Evaluation of Learning Management Systems at Athabasca University. International Journal Of Distance Education Technologies, 5(3), 1-7.   In this article the authors compared three Learning Management Systems (WebCt, LotusNotes, and Moodle) to see which would best […]


Graf & List (2005)

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Graf, S. &List, B.(2005) An evaluation of open source e-learning platforms stressing adaptation issues. Advanced Learning Technologies, 2005. ICALT 2005, P163 – 165.   This paper presents an evaluation of nine open source elearning platforms, or Learning Management Systems. The main focus is on adaptation issues. The result of the evaluation shows that the platform Moodle outperforms all […]


Elevator Pitch

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Here is my elevator pitch for my project.   Since that class though my project has changed and I will do a new version of this soon.


Applied Research Methods

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a Page for Applied Research Methods

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