Research Methods Week 5 – 27 May 2014

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This session was very informative as we looked at data collection and the merits of the various tools available to us. We looked at: questionnaires surveys interview On questionnaires we looked at different examples from Clive Opie’s (2004) book on doing Educational Research looking at how questions were constructed with examples of good and bad. […]


Just remember the SMAC

I attended a talk last night, 27 May 2014 in the Irish Times Training Building, where  Tim Hynes the Director Business Relationship Management for Microsoft IT was interviewed by Irish Times Senior Business Correspondent, Tom Lyons, about his leadership insights and industry trends. It was very interesting to hear how Tim started his career in the 1980’s after […]


Research Methods Week 4 – 20 May 2014

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In this session we learnt about categories of research and methodologies. I almost fell off my chair when Claire McA said your methodologies are not questionnaires/surveys/interviews etc., but actually the methods that you used. There are different categories of research, they include: Primary Secondary Qualitative Quantitative Mixed Qual & Quan From the ensuing discussion in […]


Grix 2002

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Grix J. (2002), Introducing Students to the Generic Terminology of Social Research, Politics 22-3 P. 175-186, Blackwell Publishers Ltd. This article gave a very good overview and definition of Ontology – Epistemology – Methodology – Methods and Sources for research. It also presents a graph from Hay, 2002 p 64., that sums it up very well, which is reproduced […]


Research Methods Week 3 – 12 May 2014

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This week we had a guest lecturer John Dalat for Dundalk IT who talked to us about literature reviews. Literature review is a mechanical process of reading for meaning. John introduced me to the PAR model of teaching that he uses – Present Apply Review: Present – New information and or concepts are presented to […]


Video Editing

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I wanted to get to grips with Camtasia for editing video, I eventually got around to it today. See the finished video below. The video content is not related to this but of my daughter rock climbing and gave me a file to work with. http://www.hughmclain.ie/wordpress/wp-content/video/Aoife10May2014.mp4 I used the trial copy and it was very […]


Elevator Pitch

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Here is my elevator pitch for my project.   Since that class though my project has changed and I will do a new version of this soon.


Rethinking my Research Question

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Over the course of this module, first two weeks anyway, I have realised that what I am trying to do is probably too much. When looking at what I want to cover I have decided the important part is the management of learning so will focus on that part. Very roughly what I think I […]


Project Scope

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Through the Research Module I have decided that the scope of my project was too big so I am going to concentrate on identifying a Learning Management System and identifying what courses would be relevant to deliver through it. Initially I think I will need to use questionnaires and interviews. Please see the reflection from […]


Hourglass Model of Research

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This model allows you to start from a broad area and norrow down to a focussed question: Source:Research Methods Knowledge base After you collect the answers they need analysed and then conclusion drawn from them. See weekly reflection form second class of Research Module for more details.

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