Learning Theories Week 4 (8 Oct 2013)

Posted by Hugh on October 15, 2013 in Learning Theories, Reflection |

In the session this week we went into more detail about Constructivism, Social Constructivism, Constructionist and an introduction into Communities of Practice.

What has struck me from looking at different learning theories is that we use them all to some extent and none can be used in isolation. You can start from the basics of Behaviourism and work towards Social Constructivism, Blooms Taxonomy can be used to look at the different levels of understanding.

Bruner’s Spiral Curriculum was introduced and looks like a tool that can be used effectively. Building on the basics as you progress through the training programme.

Situated Learning theory was also explored. Lave an Wenger’s Communities of Practice was investigated, I can identify with this theory for the assignment I am working on for this modules.

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