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A Focus Group is a group on individual convened for research purposes that relies on the discussions to generate data (Barbour, 2007). Focus groups can be useful in gauging the extent to which there is a shared view amongst a small group of people (Denscombe, 2010). Cousins (2009) agree focus groups can be enriched by the group dynamic. Berg (2004) states that data emerging from focus groups is socially constructed. I will use the focus groups as discussion forums for the relevant people to view their opinions which I will record. The discussions will allow me to gather the data required to design the elearning module.

The new entrants from the focus group will be invited to take the elearning course. Through evaluation of the module, using evaluation sheets by participants, data will be gathered on how relevant the new entrant found the course. The participants will then be asked to reconvene for a post course focus group to provide feedback on the module. From these evaluations and feedback I will be able to conclude whether or not Moodle can support new entrants into the Department.



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