Research Methods Module Reflection

Posted by Hugh on September 7, 2014 in Module Reflection, Reflection, Research Methods |

This was a very informative module and allow me time to look at the research question. Although I thought I knew what I was going to do I did not realise the amount of detail required. The scope of my project went from vast through to specific and changed on numerous occasions.

It was clear from the feedback from my first submission that I would need to include a small elearning module as an artifact. I assumed the first time that the Moodle installation would be the artifact but could not quantify how that could be used as an effective learning management system with getting it to manage a module.

This module really focuses in the research and how different ologies, Ontology, epistemology, methodology and phenomenology, are used. I struggled with the academic language and needed to research that as well as the literature for the project but it was all very information.

All in all I believe this was a very good module and will now assist me into year two and the project ahead.

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