Instructional Design and eAuthoring Week 6 – 3 Dec 2013

Posted by Hugh on December 5, 2013 in Instructional Design and eAuthoring, Reflection |

Today we discussed accessibility for everyone to the elearning we produce. There is the obvious technological devices issues and compatibility but we went into the human side of it. think of someone with an impairment, either physical or mental, can your module accommodate them? When designing screens ensure they are screen reader friendly for visually impaired and can be set of different resolutions for the hearing impaired.

Damien gave a quick master class on HTML and different thing you can do to make the pages more friendly to screen readers, such as adding Meta-data, used order list, table of contents a the start and put the size of download files beside the name. CSS can be used to identify browsers and set text formatting ber effectively.

We had a look at Creative Comments and it explained how to ensure you are using the correct image/video and may use it under copyright law.


Damien gave a list of top 100 elearning tools for 2013 which was very interesting.

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