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ADDIE is a framework that lists generic processes that designers and training developers use (Morrison et. al., 2010). It represents a guideline for building effective training and performance support tools in five phases of Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate. However Morrison et. al., (2010) state there is no actual one ADDIE model and it is merely a colloquial label for a systematic approach to instructional design. Use of the ADDIE model is not compulsory for instructional design, however these five element should always be operational in the design (Hodell, 2011).

Here is a good image I found online of the ADDIE model. I like it because it depicts Evaluate as an overall part and not just one element at the end.





A = Analysis

D = Design

D = Development

I = Implementation

E = Evaluation


Hodell, C. (2011), ISD from the Ground Up: A No-nonsense Approach to Instructional Design, ASTD Press, Danvers MA (Accessed through Google ebooks)

Morrison, G. R., Ross, S. M. and Kemp, J. E.  (2010), Designing Effective Instruction, 6th Edition, Wiley & Sons, New York


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