Instructional Design and eAuthoring Week 2 – 5 Nov 2013

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This week Instructional Design started to become clearer. I think I am getting use to Damien’s lecture style as well, last week it was such a shock to have someone so lively (no offence to other lecturers) and bubbly at the top of the room and the statements that go against the grain are fantastic.

We were introduced to many models of instructional design but only two were focused on 1) ADDIE and 2) ASSURE with the bulk of time being spent on ADDIE. These are MACRO models and MICRO included Gagne, Elaboration Theory and Merrill’s first principles of instructional design.

We were split into Groups to complete the project on developing an elearning module. My Group, Team WOOF, decided to do a site on Dog Training specifically toilet training a puppy. We agreed to use the WordPress platform as it would be easy to develop and users to use.

We were inttroduced to de Bono’s six thinking hats but I think Ganye’s 9 steps to instructional design would be best to use as I have used this model before. Combined with ADDIE it should be a robust design.


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