Instructional Design and eAuthoring Week 1 – 29 Oct 2013

Posted by Hugh on November 4, 2013 in Instructional Design and eAuthoring, Reflection |

We started the new module today Instructional Design and eAuthoring. I am still a bit lost at sea trying to see what we will do in this module. All should be clear over the next few weeks. 

One thing that was clear was the Group Assignment for the module. We were put into groups and informed we had to devise an elearning tool on a subject of our choice. My group decided to look at dog training and specifically toilet training for puppies. We came up with this as three out of four of us had difficulties with this issue and the fourth members said he will be getting a dog in the future and would find the information useful.

Within out group one member has experience in devising elearning modules, one knows a lot about the subject, one know about the WordPress platform and the other is good at design and will ensure the information is presented properly.


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