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Last Tuesday Emma and Tony took Kevin and I out to experience seconding. Seconding is where you climb after a lead climber and remove the gear. I got to see and use the different types of gear I.e. wires, cams and hexs’.

We started at the top of Winders Crack were I had a chance to set up the top ropes and anchors. When that was set up I was shown how to set up a self abseil using my belay plate and a prussic loop. I then abseiled down the slab and climbed back up on belay.

We then moved to D Route and were shown the different types of gear and had a chance to see what they felt like and had an opportunity to place them while at the bottom. Tony took the lead and I belayed him from the bottom. As he was going up we watched to see what gear gear he was using and Emma explained different choices to us. When he was at the top I had a chance to climb. I was on two ropes because I was taking out the gear Tony had placed  but also placing gear as I climbed on the second rope that Kevin was belaying from the bottom. I looked at the gear that placed and took it out, put it back in and tried other bits to see the difference. As I climbed I also placed gear and used wires and cams. After I finished the climb I tied off to the anchors at top and then belayed Kevin from the top as he climbed and again he removed my gear and placed his own for Emma to follow him.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I loved getting to place and remove gear for the first time. The weather held for us and it was a lovely evening. As we started to loose the light the view of Dun Laoghaire and Dublin in general was spectacular. Can’t wait to do my learn to lead course now.

A big thank you to Emma and Tony for a great evening.

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