HomeRock ClimbingLeadsDalkey Quarry 3 Sept 2012

Another chance to do a bit of seconding. We started on Dipthong and Tony took the lead while I belayed then I followed seconding. At the start of the climb I actually fell off, for the first time, and got to experience how safe the gear actually is. Tonys longer arms made reaching that piece interesting. I got back on and finished the climb taking out the gear as I progressed. The swing up over the top was interesting!!!!!

We then moved over to around to the West Valley and Emma and I did Paradise Lost while Tony and Kevin did Levitation. Emma took the lead while I belayed and I seconded after her. One of the wires got truely wedged and I had to use the gear key to get it out, but got it.

Again a throughly enjoyable evening and thanks to Emma and Tony again.

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