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Tonight I was Climbing with Kevin C as part of the IMC new Members programme.

We started on Slip-Climb-Run, he asked me if u wanted to lead. However the first piece of protection was about 5M up so I declined. Kevin lead it, Thierry seconded and I went third. The first section was slabby and I am glad I practiced slab work inside. The second section was good with lots of hand and foot holds. The the little over hang at the top, it looked daunting from below but it was easy enough. At the top we did a bit of anchor work just to refresh.
Next Kevin and I moved over to Eliminate A where I was confident enough to lead it. Like the previous climb the first but if protection was about 5M up and I did not use the metal spike. After that it was pretty easy with lots of holds and a mantle finish. It was great.
Kevin then asked if I had ever multi-pitched, I had only every done one side he said he would give me another go; so off to Tower Ridge we went.
I seconded Tower Ridge and it was an easy start up to the first piece of gear. The the traverse across the shelf and throw the left leg over the slab to get to the first belay point. Kevin had buit a bell and went over the basics as a refresher after I clipped in.
With me attached to the belay point Kevin set off on the second pitch. When it was my turn and I was on belay I dismantled the belay and climbed onto the next slab. From here I could see the flake!!!!!! It was hold the top and smear across, moving like a crab and throw your leg at the small ledge, it was like saddle. Then shimmy across a bit, I was too scared to walk!!!! The u could stand and climb down the next flake, we were at the top; yippee my first climb on the Upper Cliffs.
Then it was home time.

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