HomeRock ClimbingBoulderingAwesome Walls is awesome (6 Oct 2012)

Well we went out to Awesome Walls today and as the title says it was awesome.  Lots of climbs, plenty of top rope and lead climbs. Not to mention the two bouldering room. WOW.

The girls started with a few top ropes but then had a chance to do a few lead climbs, they thought that was awesome. Even the little man got to the top of the small wall on a few roped climbs.

I decided to have a go as well and did a few top ropes. I started with a 3+ and ended up doing a 5, I was impressed at myself. I got my first lead under my belt, admittedly it was only a 3+ but it had an over hang and I was chuffed at myself.

Here are a few pics of the kids.



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